Traitly - User Insights
Discover the optimal user journey.
Convert more users to customers.
We automatically process and learn from
your existing user data using our
proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms
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Reduce Churn
Predict users who are likely to churn
using our self-learning solution.
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Maximize Conversion
Reward users that quickly complete
the most important actions. Get new
users paying earlier.
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Optimize Onboarding
Personalize the onboarding
experience for every single user.
Fits right into your app experience
The user success bot can be customized with a click to
match your branding and user experience.
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Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Our widget encourages users to complete the next
most important actions in the onboarding process.
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Gamifies Onboarding
Our widget gamifies onboarding by assigning a score
to each user. The more they complete, and the faster
they do so, the higher their score.
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Rewards Success
Users who successfully onboard are significantly
more likely to stick around. Incentivise users to get
fully setup by providing short-term discounts.
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Integrate all your data sources
Connect your existing data from a third-party
service you already use with just a few clicks.
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Perfect for growth, insights and marketing
Engage your users. Help them to learn so they'll love it and never churn.
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Customise User onboarding
Not all users are the same. Separate users on your
lower-priced plans from those on your premium plans.
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Map messages to actions
We sync your actions from third-party services
like Segment and Intercom. You map messages to
actions inside traitly.
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Track user engagement
Our engagement analytics enable you to view how
particular users interacted with our success bot
and how well it worked.
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Easy to install
You can install the User Success Bot with just
a few lines of JavaScript. It's really that simple.
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Receive user alerts
Connect your Slack or CRM account and automatically
notify a support agent when a user needs help.
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Bring together our success bot, your
favourite chat app and your knowledge base.
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Getting started is easy.
Be up and running in minutes.